Anyone can be a Modular Farmer, here’s how


Quit waiting for the rain to fall! Dust off your trowel and take your harvest indoors with this simple guide to becoming a modular farmer. It takes only 400 sq. ft. and a few weeks of training to get started with Modular Farms. Before knowing it, you will be part of larger community that’s lowering food miles, saving energy and conserving water. Ultra-local urban agriculture also means that you’ll have chill work days, be connected to your community and have an even better work-life balance.

Top Qualities of a Modular Farmer
To be a successful Modular farmer, above and beyond anything, it is important to strive towards being patientattentive and adaptive. These qualities point to the greater, zen-like process of gardening and its contingency on time. You can produce a strong yield by actively overseeing a growth period while attentively maintaining plant health through its changing lifecycle. These qualities ensure success and most importantly addresses the multifaceted responsibilities of a Modular Farmer.

The best Modular Farmers are everyday people who are eager to be part of a steadily-growing industry and build community centred around food. Getting excited about having a flexible schedule and easy access to super fresh foods helps a Modular Farmer become an active, local food champion and deepens the roots of a Modular farming business.

Everyday Skills
There are three ultimate skills, attributions and expectations every new Modular Farmer should develop.

1. Supreme attention to detail: A Modular Farmer cannot succumb to their calm working environment and should recognize the changing health of their crops while simultaneously controlling purpose-built LEDs, a closed-loop hydroponic system and climate control settings.

2. Expect to work hard: Farming in any capacity may be stressful at times and endurance is essential in launching any new small business. But Modular Farmers spend significantly less time, roughly 20 hours per week, tending to produce while working diligently to continually supply customers with their fresh crops.

3. Anticipate hiccups: Nobody is perfect so expect to have something go wrong at least once along the way. Modular Farms offers a 24/7 support and mobile application to bring the vertical farm to your fingers, but mistakes are part of the learning curve and will uncover growing preferences and efficiencies.

Tricks of the Trade
Like anything new, it is important to ask questions. Beyond filling in gaps lost in the learning process, questions allow for conversation and the possibility of finding out useful information not actually addressed in the query. Our Master Growers cite this as the ultimate hack to vertical farming. No question is a bad question, so don’t hold back your curiosity because it will only help you become a better farmer.

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