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Our exclusive Modular Farm System is a complete indoor vertical farming system capable of producing fresh, healthy plants virtually anywhere in the world, in any climate. Custom designed and built from the ground up based on the idea of an urban farm, it scales as needed, with additional modules available for multiple purposes.

We partnered with world-leading experts in LED lighting, plant health sciences, and indoor agriculture to rethink the container farm from scratch. The Modular Farm Systems focus entirely on plant health and farmer Return on Investment (ROI). Pairing tested-and-true vertical farming technology with container farms, the possibilities to grow fresh, local plants is endless!

Container Farms

We design and manufacture container farm systems that can be used to grow food in most locations on earth.


A scaleable and interconnected farm system built to accomodate virtually any-sized growing operation.


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Experience, earn, eat and enjoyThe Difference


Built from the ground up focused on plant health and plant health alone. Every aspect of the design, from the HVAC controls to the custom LED lighting technology, to air flow, to the hydroponic system controls are designed in order to ensure plants grow as quickly and as perfectly as possible.


Healthy plants mean farmers can grow and sell more greens from our container than a same sized 40 foot shipping container. Our container farm is custom built with insulated composite panels to ensure it can be located in any climate on earth, from Arctic cold to Saharan heat.


The system is designed to include add-on modules to help farmers expand their business, or to help make the farms more sustainable.

Connect, expand and grow even more with Our Modules

Primary Module

Use as the primary unit to begin your farm. Self-contained and self-sufficient. Provides all basic requirements for production. All modules interface with this unit to function. The foundation of the Modular Farm System.

Macro Farm

Increase your growing capabilities by up to 150% with this unit configured to focus almost entirely on production and plant growth with over 300 ZipGrow towers — all packed into the same footprint as the primary module.


Connect your modules through the vestibule, which also acts as a climate barrier.

Micro Grid Module

Let's you take your farm off-grid and provides all the necessary power needed to run your farm.

Water Capture

Grow in remote locations by capturing water right from the air and storing it in this module.

Micro Greens

Add micro-greens and sprouts to your product offering through this specialized growth module.


Keep your harvest fresh and store your supplies with climate control and refridgeration configurations.

Future Modules

It doesn’t stop there, we’re always developing new ways to help you produce more, more efficiently.

You've got questions — we've got answersCommon Questions

Is the Modular Farm a shipping container?

No. It is a custom-built 40x10x10 foot composite steel box built specifically for growing plants. Shipping containers are not ideal for plant growth or humidity controls in harsh environments.

Is it portable on a truck?

Yes. The Modular Farm was designed to be the absolute biggest container possible that could still ship on a freight truck, a train or a sea vessel.

How much money can I make?

Farmer ROI is very important to us. We are farmers too so we get it. Our system is designed to maximize plant growth in order to ensure farmers are happy and successful. Each crop yields a different revenue stream in different locations - but our team can work out a complete business plan for you.

How do I add a module?

Our modules will be launching in November 2016 and for now we are just building out and taking orders for the Modular Farm System.

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